Talking with Web3 innovators

Talking with Web3 innovators who are building our future

I talk with those heading major development or strategy work in Web3 projects. Web3 projects are tools, apps, platforms, services, or assets using which the new world infrastructure is being built—One block at a time.

Web3 includes any “decentralized online ecosystem based on blockchain.” These can be cryptocurrencies, DeFi platforms, NFTs, and other decentralized & blockchain-based platforms from metaverse-games to smart contract technologies.

  1. The Graph
  2. DigiByte
  3. Ergo
  4. Deeper Network
  5. Banano
  6. MurAll
  7. Feathercoin
  8. Dojima Network
  9. Publish0x

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The Graph

Talking with subgraph developer Data Nexus who does interviews for The Graph’s work, we analyze all of Graph’s capabilities ranging from programming APIs to provide indexing tools to security.


Co-founder and vice president of the DigiByte Alliance Laura Taylor talks about what separates DigiByte from its peers, having been established as one of the older blockchains with superior speed and community innovation.


The talk with Armeanio, Ergo’s bizdev, was thoroughly insightful and stimulating. We discuss DeFi, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, mining, dApps, PoW, and smartcontracts.

Deeper Network

Eric Ma talks about Deeper Network, what it stands for, and what to be expected. The tech at play with this family of products working on Proof-of-Space is truly revolutionary and aims to change the world of distributed networks.


Helping users earn cryptocurrency while helping medical scientists by Folding@Home might sound like Banano’s USP, but the ecosystem is so much more than that. I discuss all that Banano stands for with one of Banano’s core developers, Airtune.


I talked with Keiron, a core member from the MurAll project. It’s a blockchain NFT art project that others can paint on. It has an ever-decreasing token.


Ludovic Duvetter talks about Feathercoin, a resilient blockchain up since 2013, and how it gels with BTC & LTC, while being an individually scalable ecosystem that’s one of the “winners” for GPU miners after the Ethereum Merge.

Dojima Network

Apart from allowing developers to write dApps that can access liquidity from multiple blockchains, Dojima Network Founder talks about how the platform is working on tools & protocols for a fully interoperable Web3 ecosystem that’s decentralized.


Publish0x‘s COO Igor talks about how the platform works and what lies ahead in the future for the platform. Publish0x allows writers and readers to earn crypto.