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No part of anything mentioned on this website is to be construed as financial advice. The only financial advice I’ll give you is “not your wallet, not your coins, so ditch those centralized exchanges before they all collapse, lest you wish to be kicked in them dear loins.”

You can send a message to me on Telegram @hardusername or Facebook @hardusername.

I’m a designer and copywriter by trade.

I’ve been interested in cryptocurrencies since I was forced to accept payments in BTC back in 2016. At that time, I didn’t see them as more than a means to an end. Some clients simply preferred a more autonomous means of sending money, and that was understandable.

But the more I used cryptocurrencies, soon accepting payments only in ETH by 2017-18 and building a formidable, diversified portfolio, the more I understood the promise of Web3 in general.

A trustless, no-intermediary system of transactions is better for everyone. More than buying and holding, I believe in actively transacting as the majority of my small cryptocurrency wealth is made up of payments I receive.

On this personal blog of sorts, I plan to publish interviews with people associated with Web3 projects.

My outreach process is still pretty rudimentary and I don’t have much of a platform to offer to potential interviewees, especially those looking for more exposure than just talking about their project.