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Publish0x’s COO Igor talks about how the platform works and what lies ahead in the future for the platform. Publish0x allows writers and readers to earn crypto.

Publish0x has no native platform token. It additionally has certain great features that make it a better alternative to services such as Steemit or Read.Cash, according to its proponents. You can tip without losing anything. You can earn not just for writing, but for reading as well.

The “0x” is silent. You pronounce Publish0x as “publish.”


Igor Tomic—COO, Publish0x

#1. Publish0x is truly one of a kind platform. It doesn’t just profess the capability to earn some pocket money but allows people to connect, share, and learn. Explain what Publish0x does to the beginner, who is just trying to make some side income in cryptocurrencies online.

Publish0x is a good place to get started with crypto. This is because Publish0x is a crypto-powered blogging platform like, where both authors and readers are rewarded microtips in crypto just for being active – both for writing and for reading (or rather tipping) posts published on

This costs users nothing, as we are the ones supplying the tips.

An important thing to have in mind is that while you will earn a bit of crypto, this is not in any way meant to help you replace your day job.

#2. What are some exciting features or integrations that you guys are working on right now, given you can talk about them?

Since Publish0x started, we have been investing in the site’s growth. Right now, we are focused on making Publish0x self-sustainable; this means that we want the site to be able to earn enough so that we don’t have to fund the site ourselves. I do believe that we are close to the goal.

#3. Currently, Publish0x specializes in content built around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Is that the endgame? Or do you think that the platform should become an all-genre publishing engine?

We’ve always seen Publish0x as a site on which you can blog about anything, and earn a bit of crypto for your efforts.

It is true that we are focused on crypto. The reason behind this is that crypto is a topic we understand best, and I believe it is better to specialize and get started in one niche, to master it, and then to branch out. It only makes sense to focus on blockchain and crypto for our authors and readers as well. All Publish0x users are familiar with crypto. After all, they’ve found out about Publish0x by searching for ways to earn crypto.

However, we don’t see the current focus on blockchain and crypto as the endgame. Even now, you can blog about pretty much anything already.

#4. Can you tell us about the moderation or review process and how stringent is it?

Sure. We are very lenient with authors and type of content we accept, as long as it is their original work. We are okay with authors who have blogs on other platforms, or their own site, and who decide to republish their content on Publish0x.

Any content that is copy/pasted without permission, that is just reworded, or that is written without effort or just to advertise one shady airdrop or another is something we are keen on removing from the site completely.

#5. When can we expect Publish0x to move out of the beta stage?

In a way, Publish0x has been fully functional for a long time. We still maintain that we are in beta mostly because the development of the site and its features are not yet at the level at which we feel like the site is “complete”.

#6. A lot of promotional material is crafted on the platform on a daily basis. Is there any parameter put in place to judge the promotional nature of content, and reject any content that might be overly sales-y? For example, if I plan on creating a rug pull tomorrow (which I won’t), what’s stopping me from getting some eyeballs from Publish0x?

We are okay with promotional content. I would differentiate this from a rug pull though.

This is the conundrum: We want lesser-known projects to be able to reach a larger audience. At the same time, we obviously don’t want to give eyeballs to scams. The problem is that in early stages it’s hard to tell whether or not a project is a scam or not. So, there’s a balance to moderating this. We rely both on our team, and on our users to spot and report posts that advertise scams.

#7. Correct me if I’m wrong. The tip system is the cornerstone around which the platform operates. More than just earning, Publish0x aims to create a community where people actively share. Every 10 minutes, a user can tip another user (their article, specifically) while earning a tip themselves. How is this economical for Publish0x?

Yes, users can tip an article every 10 minutes. We are the ones who supply the tips, so there are no costs to the user. The limit right now is that we supply seven tips per day.

The economics is simple: We need to earn from ads (banners, PR posts, etc.) as much as we give out to users, plus the amount it costs to maintain Publish0x. That’s it.

#8. What are Publish0x’s main revenue channels? And where are you guys with getting sponsors for tips, rather than handling them out of your pockets?

Revenue channels include the classics like banner advertising, accepting and publishing PR posts, running promotional events like writing contests, and similar.

We welcome projects that want exposure to a new audience to supply the tips in their own crypto or token. This supply of crypto is then given away to Publish0x users through our tipping mechanism. What we have seen so far is that once users earn a bit of one cryptocurrency, they are inclined to learn more about that crypto or token project, after which users tend to hold the crypto earned for the long term if they like the project.

We have both been funding the tips ourselves, and have had projects who were interested in more exposure supply tips in their own cryptocurrency or token.

#9. Cross-posting, given that it’s allowed, are there any concerns regarding it? For example, several articles are cross-shared on platforms like Medium or copied from there to be posted on Publish0x. Technical problems such as plagiarism and SEO aside, does it raise any concern for the everyday reader of Publish0x?

We are not concerned with SEO. It is perfectly fine to republish your own posts from another platform.

I don’t see it as a concern for Publish0x readers. Like others, I personally don’t read every site every day, and many sites I’m completely unaware of. It is likely that I will see a single piece of content only on one site, be it Publish0x or elsewhere. If a reader does run into a post that they’ve read elsewhere, they can just skip it.

#10. As pioneers in cryptocurrency income, I’m sure you believe in the cause of cryptocurrency mass adoption. How realistic is it, then, to have all articles report their earnings in USD? Have you thought of providing values of an article’s earning (which can easily be seen as its key metric for performance) in cryptocurrency? Perhaps every user can choose their main currency and the earnings will be reported in that?

Scroll over the USD value of what the post has earned, and you will see how much, and of which crypto or token the post has actually earned. The USD value seen is an estimate of how much that crypto is currently worth on the market.

In my mind, showing the USD value of coins is for an obvious reason: We all know how much stuff we can buy with USD, and it’s easy to understand its value. Further, this makes sense for many users who are just getting introduced to crypto. These users make a significant part of our userbase.

I do agree with you in that it would be nice to display the earnings in a major cryptocurrency like BTC or ETH.

#11. How can someone contribute to promoting Publish0x apart from the obvious ways of sharing on social media channels?

You can tell your friends and family about Publish0x, and have them try it out.

Simply being active on the site by reading (and publishing posts if you’re inclined to) helps too!

#12. Do you have a favorite writer?

I do enjoy quite a few contributions on, but I don’t have one writer I would single out above the rest. When you register on Publish0x, I do suggest you check out our Popular posts first – these tend to be the best reads of the day.

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